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Funda de cuero para Palm Pre
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Fortte lanza nuevas Fundas “Flex-Fit”
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Funda de cuero Fortte Dual Design para iPhone 3G/3Gs
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Fortte “Book case” for XPERIA X1

La mejor funda de cuero del mercado para el xPeria X1

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Funda de cuero “Book Model” para el Iphone

This case is made out of leather and very nice leather at that. On the box it says “Stylish Functional Cases” and that's exactly what they are. It feels amazing in your hand and as you might have guessed already I fell in love with this case within 2 minutes.... ..
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This case is amazing. I will continue to use it (unless I am testing out other cases!) for a long time to come. I would and already have recommend it to anyone... ..
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The Fortte “Open Face” case for Palm’s Centro

Fortte’s case for the Palm Centro is excellent. People who wish to be able to design their case from the ground up can now do so - but have to accept a higher price ..
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Fortte leather case for QTEK 8500

So far, almost all leather cases were black. If a manufacturer chose to offer colored cases, you were still stuck to whatever few colors the designers saw fit… . Fortte plans to change this traditional cycle - instead, they offer a few styles and let you choose the rest. Olive leather, no belt clip? They do it. Want your name on the front? They do it. Sounds great - but can it stack up? ..
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This one is actually one of my favorites since I am a big fan of lateral cases. I wont go to far into the details again about all the customization options but rather I will focus on the differences. This case includes all of the normal trimmings you can expect from a Fortte case including high grain leather and a magnet for automatically shutting off your BlackBerry...
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I chose the Saddle Brandy and the Black because I think these two colors go well with my Copper Treo 680 and with other Treo 680s as well. I think that the Saddle Brandy is the prefect color for my Copper 680. The Black would go with any color Treo 680, and I think that any of the colors would go with the Arctic 680. If I had a Crimson 680, I'd probably choose the Red Brandy, and if I still had my Graphite 680, I'd go with the Black...
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The Open Face Leather Case for Treo with Enfora Wi-Fi sled is (as far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong), the only leather case or even any case for that matter, that is designed to fit the Treo 650 with the Enfora Wi-Fi sled attached. I knew about this case before I decided to buy the Enfora Wi-Fi sled (I'll be doing a review of that later) and was excited that there's a case for it. So, when I finally bought the Enfora Wi-Fi sled, I knew that I had to get the Fortte case for it. And being someone who dislikes holding anything mobile that is somewhat slippery, this case was exactly what I needed....
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I really love the Fortte Palm Treo 680 Dual Design Case. The leather is soft and beautiful and I love the Renaissance Forest Green color that I picked out. This case protects my Treo very well and it does so in style.
I'm very impressed with this case and love it's great functionality. I have the choice of using the open case alone or sporting the Treo around with the flip cover attached...
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The Fortte Vertical Pouch case is for people who want to keep their Treo safe in their jacket pocket, pants pocket or pocketbook, do it without adding much bulk...and, want to do it with style. The case is of soft yet sturdy leather, reinforced with hard panels at the front & back ...
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Review: Fortte Leather Zune cases - Zune in inserted from below in the Carrier Case. When inside the user has full access to the sync cable and earphones plugs, as well as to the "hold" switch. The screen remains uncovered just like the 5-directions pad but the 2 buttons right and left of it are not. This isn't reducing its functionality, the buttons can be pressed just fine, because of the "signs" at their location on the case ...
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Stylish, Affordable, Quality Protection - Two Thumbs up! - As far as I am concerned both of these cases are a winner. They both allow access to all of the controls as well as the keyboard and camera. They add very little weight and bulk to the device which is defiantly a plus. With both of these cases the Dash still maintains its thin profile and has more than adequate protection . . .
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With the Treo placed on the side with the antenna up top and out, the design of the case allows easy access to the side buttons (volume and side button when the flap is open) as well as accessibility to the headset jack and even the stylus (if you have small fingers like me and can dig the stylus out). Or, you can also put the Treo in the opposite direction with the antenna down and out . . .
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My first impressions were favourable. Even though the case is open faced there is a sense of sturdiness to it. This is mainly due to two factors. The first being the thick leather back of the case and the second being the hidden ‘U’ shaped piece of metal that surrounds and protects the screen (to some extent; a screen protector is still a must). These factors come at a price, as the overall thickness is increased and the Treo does feel noticeably bigger in your pocket.
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I recently had the opportunity to take two of Fortte's new Treo 700p cases out for a test drive. Both cases are stylish and functional. Both leather cases look great and feel even better when you are holding them in your hand and they aim to please. The only question I had after reviewing them was which case to purchase for myself. [ Ver comentarios ]

Today, I am going to take a look at the Fortte HTC Apache/PPC-6700 Book Model PDA Case. I'll say up front that if you are looking for a solution that will cover every corner completely, one that will offer maximum corner protection during drops, this one probably won't be it. But if you are looking for a case that offers maximum screen protection and the ability to use the sliding keyboard without removing the PDA from the case, read on... [ Ver comentarios ]

I have never come across a company who better reacts to the needs of their customers than Fortte.
Other companies might say they do “custom” work. Or that they listen to what their customers say but how many actually take the feedback they receive and respond to it actively? Not many. We as Blackberry users are lucky. There are a few companies who do things the right way like Fortte does...[ Ver comentarios ]
The nano case features a clear plastic cover over the nano's screen and a circular cut-out for the click-wheel, while the 5G iPod case instead features a single large cut-out which exposes almost all of the iPod's front face. We found the nano's internal design to be more protective, but seeing as how the front flap keeps the iPod's entire front face covered anyway, we found both designs to be acceptably protective... [ Ver comentarios ]
Some cases are priced upwards of $100. But for Treo 650 users, there is one excellent choice that won't break the bank, and still looks like you paid much more. It's the Bellagio open-face leather case from Fortte; a fantastic product made from high quality leather, and styled to match the Treo form factor... [ Ver comentarios ]
This case is made from ultra-high quality black leather. It's a play-thru type case, meaning you don't have to remove the Blackberry from the case to use it." ...
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By now most of us are familiar with the Fortte line up of Blackberry cases. They make some of the nicest Blackberry cases on the market (in this reviewer's opinion.) I recently obtained their Open Face PDA Case for the Blackberry 8700 and of course had to review it.
This case is made from ultra-high quality black leather. It's a play-thru type case, meaning you don't have to remove the Blackberry from the case ... [ Ver comentarios ]
When you order ask about the leather.  Some cases use smooth thicker leather, others use thick leather pebbled drum softened, and others use a natural Napa finish, etc.  This is intentional on their part.  The company is over 11 years old, formerly producing OEM cases for major companies in the US and abroad.  The focus is on building in protection and functionality to their cases, trying to bring a wide variety of designs and colors for all needs and looks.  I am personally using their Vertical Pouch case now.  I love the fit and the protection it offers... [ Ver comentarios ]
Review in Spanish
Una vez desempaquetada la funda la primera impresión que tenemos es la de una funda robusta, principalmente por el doble refuerzo que presenta en la parte trasera y por el marco que da forma al hueco de la pantalla. Una observación más detenida nos descubre también la presencia de un doble refuerzo en la tapa ... [ Ver comentarios ]
Review in Spanish
No es lo mismo un Volkswagen que un Mercedes Benz, es muy cierto que ambos son alemanes, ambos tienen cuatro llantas, ambos pueden transportarte, la diferencia radica en cómo quieres o que es lo que puedes pagar. Una de esas fundas que bien vale la pena pagar son las fundas Fortte. En las dos que tengo he comprobado que son excelente, no solo en apariencia externa, si no también en la calidad, y tiene esos detalles, que me hacen pensar que quienes las diseñan son usuarios reales de dispositivos móviles. [ Protege tu Treo con clase ] [ Fundas Fortte - Protege tu TX ]

I have gathered all of the pda cases i have and placed them here before me ... there are 13 or them ,, a bakers dozen for 4 pda's ... some of them are for one's long gone ... but my "thing" for cases is bad ... do not send me an article about a case ... you will have played reveille for my case greed besides my TX and garmin i have a 650 ... and it is in an enfora sled because of my religious belief that all pda's should have wifi ... so when peter arts asked me to look at and review a case made especially for the 650 and enfora sled ... i said yes all of this is to be sure that you know that for once ... i know what i am talking about ... i am an unparalleled expert on cases ... and a few other things my ego insists i do not mention here ;-) the case to which i am referring is made by a company i had not heard about ... yet ... ... before this case arrived i was of the opinion that there is always a definite relationship between price and quality ... i have cases that are the top of the line ... thanks to santa and the birthday fairy and when i compared them to the fortte case there went that opinion ... i have cases that were put together by inebriated elves in irish pubs ... the fuzz on the edges is thread ... i have cases that i could not wear on my belt unless i was dressed to the nines and showered ... this case is one of them the fortte case not only fits but was designed and put together by people who did it as if they were doing it for themselves and the price borders on charity ... they offer a variety of clips and Monica is there to help when there is a question so even if you are not a case fan(atic) ... check this company out and i am sure you will not only be pleasantly surprised ... but you will want to send me a christmas present ... no cases please
Wally Matsen (Date Sent: 12/11/2006
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I received my flip case last week, and it is beautiful! It is not only leather, but it has a strong feel to it. The sleeper magnet function works perfectly, and I enjoy using the clip on my person if need be. My 7130e is now complete with its landline-quality Voyager bluetooth handset and of course, its genuine leather Fortte case. Plus, your customer service is outstanding! I totally appreciate your care and concern on meeting my needs to keep my blackberry well-protected and looking fashionable at the same time.  - Claire  (August 2, 2006)

I got my case today. Bar none, the best PDA case I've ever owned. Fits like a glove, designed perfectly, down the most minute detail. Thanks. Jay S. Heckler (Dell Axim X50/X50v) Date Sent: 10/14/2005

You hit a home run with your case for the Blackberry 8700.  The leather is exceptional and the fit could not be better. The most impressive part of this transaction has been the service I received from you.  I know I was a bother calling you, but you were always nice to me and when the product was released you stepped up and made sure I received as soon as was possible. I have purchased Vaja products over the years and this is a better product and the service was much better. Thank you so much.Michael Mulder (BlackBerry 8700 r / c) Date Sent: 12/31/2005

Team Fortte: I have been using the new case now for a few weeks. It's FANTASTIC!  Exactly what I was looking for.
Again, congrats for taking the extra step and differentiating your product through customer service! JEROME D (BlackBerry 8700 r / c) Date Sent: 05/08/2006.

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